Boiler upgrades & Heating systems

Central heating systems Stoke on Trent

Neat Heat Ltd can provide full heating systems in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and all the surrounding areas. This service includes all aspects of central heating and boiler systems, including combi boilers, condensing boilers and standard boilers.

Full heating systems

We can provide a fresh and new installation of a boiler, all pipework, radiators and controls.
We can remove your tank and cylinder and install a combination boiler freeing up the space in your airing cupboard or kitchen.
Replace your old combi boiler with a band A 90% efficient condensing boiler model.

We can replace your existing boiler with a band A condesing boiler with 90% efficiency. This will include the installation of diverter valves, energy efficient pumps, thermostatic radiator valves, room thermostat, cylinder thermostat, extra radiators and pipework, and replacement of any leaking radiator valves.

Upgrade to a high efficiency, high flow rate, unvented cylinder with storage capacity of up to 300 litres.

Boiler servicing & maintenance

Our boiler service and maintenance option includes boiler breakdowns, combustion analyser checks, replacement parts and cleaning.

We undertake flushing, protection and balancing of your heating system, including the removal of sludge, fitting central heating filters, power flushing treatment with anti-corrosion inhibitor and balancing system to make the boiler condense at its maximum rate.